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When a blogger falls out of love

Oh hey guys! And a very belated happy new year to you all!

The tumbleweeds have been a’rollin’ around here of late as I chose to take a break from writing. A break to allow me the time and space to think about why I am here. Why this blog exists. Why it began, what I originally set out to achieve and where I want it to go next. And so now I return, in an attempt to rebuild this broken relationship between me and this here blog. And that is what it is – broken. I am here with my cyber sello Washi-Tape and I am going to try and patch a few things up.

One big patch up that had to be done was to fix a damaging hack. Why hackers would want to attack my little site which keeps itself to itself is beyond me. But it happened, and after a little cry, I tried to find the help that I would need to sort it out. I had found someone who I believed would help me, but sadly they let me down in quite an unprofessional way – for me, this was just as damaging as the hack itself as I lost a lot of faith in people who I believed to be professional and honest. Luckily I have some amazing friends within the blogging community who held my hand and picked me up when I felt positively crap about the whole situation and then one generous friend in particular helped sort the whole messy hack out. Thank you Hannah.

The truth is, after that, I fell out of love. Top branch to lowest root. Things had already been going that way, and this was the final straw to break my relationship with my little blog’s back. And however much I wanted to come here and write I just couldn’t. I lost all love for this space. I forgot what my voice sounded like and why I was even bothering with it at all. All I saw was everyone else’s achievements and the lack of mine (even though now I can see that my own little wins were there). It became an effort and a pressure. A place that started to create anxiety instead of relieving it. And so I consciously avoided it. I even had to cancel on work and collaborations that I’d had lined up, some which I was so excited about. Everything came to a screeching halt.

When a blogger falls out of love

Stay in your lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy.

Brene Brown.

The thing with blogging is that it is so easy to fall into a trap where stats, ratings and all other comparable things become quite all encompassing. It surrounds you. Unique visitors, followers on social media, ratings on score boards, awards that seemed so unreachable, emails from PRs who will happily say you’re just not good/big/popular enough. It is so easy to compare oneself with others in the field and forget why this all began in the first place. It’s so easy to cast off the little personal wins when you see bigger ones around you. I got well and truly sucked up in what was happening everywhere else, but couldn’t find my own focus at all. And so the downward negative spiral continued, sucking every last breath from my creative voice.

Now I have had some time to reflect. For me, blogging was never about making it into a business, I have just been fortunate enough to grow and have brands ask to work with me. This all began with some words on virtual paper, without a care in the world if one or one million people read them. Those words were for me. And so now that is how I shall continue. I shall put pen to paper for me first. Whatever else happens off the back of that will be an added bonus to appreciate and a reason to smile about.


So all in all, what’s the jist of this post? Well, put simply, I’m back. But on my own terms and nobody else’s. I have some little plans in my head for both this space and of course my new little biz Mama.Gang which is a work in progress. I won’t share my goals on here, as I only want myself to answer to. But I am excited. I am slowly falling back in love with this little lovely place and I hope to visit much more often.

Peace and love to you all x

1byone feature pic

Turntable by 1Byone | Review

Who remembers playing vinyls on their turntables when they were a kid? Are you a human of that era? Ya know the ones, and cassette tapes too? I swear if I brought some of these things into conversation with the teens that I work with they would have no clue what they are. I even got asked to turn the ‘old music’ off a while back whilst driving a minibus (it was KISSTORY! Insert ‘oh I’m old’ woe is me type vibes here….)

Anyway, so yeah. People of my generation…are you with me?!

I loved playing my little tunes as a kid and had a sweet collection of vinyls including hits from Kylie, Take That, Black Box and of course Timmy Mallet too (anyone remember “she wore annnnn….itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini”?) But when I moved out the vinyls didn’t join me…well all but one which was my absolute fave as a kiddo – Ride on Time by Black Box. It has HUGE sentimental value to me and yet has sat collecting dust for some years now as I have had no means to actually play it….

And then an email from the guys at 1Byone popped up out of nowhere in my inbox, and what did they sell? Only blummin turntables! And so when asked if I would like to give one of their products a go, I jumped at the chance to get Black Box out of the black box (aka a dark corner of my wardrobe). A quick looksy on Amazon and all of five minutes later I had one on its way to me. *excited squeak*

And here I present to you ladies and gents the aforementioned turntable. A turquoise one no less….isn’t she a beaut…


Want to know a bit more about this lovely piece of kit from 1Byone?

  • This pretty thing is a portable turntable with three speed settings, 33, 45 and 78 rpm. It’s not too heavy so not a meaty piece of kit to lump around if you really do want to make the most of its portability. It’s essentially a cool looking suitcase…with speakers…. Love. It.
  • It is easy to set up, by simply opening it up wherever you fancy it and plugging into the mains. Obviously one would need to know how to play a record, but if you’ve got that figured out then you’re there listening to your tunes in two steps!
  • As well as an auto stop function, the arm also has a soft damping control.
  • It has a headphone jack for more private listening (which could prove a bit awkward if you wanted to carry it around let’s be honest – it’s no walkman now…) I’m not a headphone person so wouldn’t use this function but I’m sure others may find this brilliant!
  • It also has RCA output which simply means that it allows for speakers to be plugged via a couple of ports on the right hand side.
  • For the new kids on the block, if vinyls are a bit of a novelty, this can still be used as a speaker (sans record) as you can plug in your own music from an MP3 player via the Aux-in jack.
  • As well as this gorg turquoise, 1Byone also offer this product in black leather which is equally as attractive although not my cup of tea personally.



I love anything a bit retro looking and this colour is just lovely! The speaker quality is pretty good from what my ears can tell because let’s be honest I’m no expert … so, erm, I shall say that it plays to a good high volume but if you were looking for a boombox for your next house party maybe this isn’t the one for you….

It seems to be a durable and quality made item, and retails at a really reasonable price in my eyes. This model is on Amazon for £58.99, not bad at all for something that will offer hours of loveliness – it is something that I hope will be in our home for many years being used by all of the family.

Twink is already obsessed with it which reminds me, perhaps you may need to find a slightly higher surface to rest your turntable on as small grubby fingers can cause mischief for vinyls and players (as I’m sure you are well informed of already if you own a small human or have some kind of close connection to one!)


My only experience of playing with turntables is as a child, so it was quite nice getting reacquainted. It soon got to a point where, however much I love my Ride on Time record, I had to start looking for other things to listen to. So now I have started a new little collection where from time to time I will scourer charity shops to find some gems (such as these ones pictured below – Bing at Christmas, hell yeah!).

I am yet to unearth my childhood vinyls which my parents think are in storage somewhere…which could well mean they are actually in the bottom of a bin of times gone by….but I shall continue my search nonetheless. I have also seen a few new records that I would like to buy, including a limited edition Madonna one…perhaps one for a christmas or birthday list….



All in all, for an essentially budget item compared what else is out there on the market, I would happily recommend this to friends. Perfect for someone who is curious to start out with vinyl or like me, someone who would just like a way to rekindle those memories from days gone by and listen to their old records.


Do you listen to vinyl? What would your recommendations be for my little collection? 

Do you own that Timmy Mallet classic about the yellow polka dot bikini? (If so, we could totes be friends right?)


1Byone turntable turquoise

Disclosure: We were kindly sent the above turntable by 1Byone in return for an honest review of their product. All views & opinions are my own





October bucket list
Daily Life

Monthly Bucket List | October

Hello? You out there! I’m still here, come back….

Today I return to the crisp white pages of this here blog to set off where I last left everything. I took a break over summer as my work life got crazy busy, and then as I was about to return….I was HACKED! [The bastards!] I was not expecting in a millions years for this to happen to me and yet it did. And it is utterly crap. Having your hard work intercepted and ruined. But, I am now getting some help so slowly but surely everything will be resolved. This means that this bucket list is almost two weeks behind schedule as I have had to focus my time on the security side of things as well as a few other bits and bobs. So there ya go, a quick update of why this site has been a bit cobwebby of late!

The summer was busy as always and full of adventures in between work days. I saw one of my best friends marry her love, took a week long break from parenting alongside hubster in Suffolk and Windsor, and had many playdates and vino on the local green within our crazy little community of local allsorts.I have also been in touch with some distanced friends recently which has been lovely, catching up on missed adventures and rekindling giggly relationships.All in all it has been lovely.

Last month I went to BlogOn and saw lots of lovely faces which was lots of fun, and I walked away inspired and ready to throw myself back into this wonderful virtual world. Taking a break from this platform was something I was worried about doing, but it turned out that the decision was a good one… apart from the hacking bit obvs.

And now onto my bucket list, something I started at the beginning of the year, which helps me find focus and set goals for the month ahead! Here is what I would like October to see me achieve….


– Start my brand new sparkly bullet journal, trying not to be too much of a perfectionist to the point that I don’t use it for fear of getting it ‘wrong’

– Make final tweaks to the Mama.Gang Website ready for launch in November

– Continue with my NCC home learning course that I started during the summer

– Read two books from my TBR list for Autumn

– Get hair cut as my fringe has become all too encompassing and I can barely see

– Celebrate a beautiful blogger‘s wedding day!

Mama and Twink: 

– Get back into the swing of routine on my days off work

– Start writing Twink’s Christmas wishlist and distributing to family (Yes people, I went there and mentioned the C word!)

– Sort through toys and decide what to donate to charity and what to put away

-Make gingerbread, just because…

-Create a photo book of family and friends

Together as a family:

– Go on an adventure to somewhere new

– Get back into the swing of dog walking all together

And there it is!

Nothing too pressing or urgent this month, and goals more focussed on spending time together and having fun!


NCC home learning life coaching

Starting a new journey with NCC Home Learning | Review

OH HEY guys. Just popping by today with a quick update on the journey towards pastures new with my new project Mama.Gang (if you haven’t heard about it yet, then head over here to find out more right this millisecond!)

Despite being crazy busy with so many new ventures, an almost full time job and the whole parenting thing that I do every other minute of the day, I decided recently to try and upskill a tad by way of flexible learning. I bloody love a bit of new information to soak up into my spongy brain, and think that you can never learn enough in your lifetime. There are always new lessons and opportunities out there that are just waiting for you to snap up. It’s just your choice whether you want to go for it or not.

SO. When the opportunity arose to review an online course for NCC home learning I was chuffed and jumped at the chance! At first I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to learn about but after some time perusing their many, many courses (seriously, so many) I decided to sign up to a level three diploma in life coaching.

After many ups and downs in my own life over the past few years, I thought that if nothing else I may just achieve something for my own wellbeing. But that isn’t my overall plan. Oh no. Mama.Gang is about supporting other women who happen to be mothers, and spreading positivity and inspiration about like glitter. I am hoping that with this course, I will be able to learn new ways to help to share good ‘doing life’ tips, something I think we all need from time to time. I definitely do…


NCC home learning life coaching


I have completed the first module of the course so far, and I’m already hooked. For just one module I feel as though I have learned a lot already with really meaty stuff to get involved in straight away. I can already see how I can use what I have learned to help guide my own life and help others to do the same.

This is the first time I have done any home learning and it comes with a lot of pros. For me, being so busy with work, this blog and other new projects (and obviously being a mama too) means less time and opportunity to learn externally. Being at home, logging in whenever I want to, setting my own goals or limits and going at my own pace just makes sense. OK, so finding motivation at times to log in and complete a module can be tricky especially when I am pooped after a day at work paired with a sleepless night with Twink. But it is so worth it. There is something about learning new ‘stuff’ that energises me so much! Currently my setup is PJs on, cuppa cha and a bar of chocolate once the small human is in bed. Pretty perfect if you ask me….

The Potato Project Soho London

The Potato Project London | Review

Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to an event at the oh so cool The Potato Project on Noel street in Soho, London. Hosted by its founder, Ksenia Karpenko, this was a chance to test out their quite simply ‘to die for’ menus of the most amazing spuds I ever did see or taste!

The Potato Project Soho LondonThe Potato Project Soho London

On arriving, Twink got to play (with the option of toys, but gravitated towards the potatoes, because ya know, that’s how my kid rolls) while we got the know Ksenia, who is just THE nicest person and a truly inspirational businesswoman! She told us about her passion to make potatoes ‘sexy’, showing that there is more to this good old British root veg than a bit of mud and starch. After some time chatting and getting acquainted, we headed downstairs to a cool little area where we got to hang out and eat a wide range of different genius spudtacular (yes, I went there guys) dishes created by their Potato Artists.

So, where do I start in order to get across just how lovely this little business is? Well to be quite honest I don’t even know.

The Potato Project Soho London

This opportunity to indulge in carb heaven was eye opening and I quite honestly can say that I will never look at a jacket potato in the same way. From chilli beef ragu and blue cheese, to borlotti bean, tomato and mature cheddar cheese, to superfood quinoa sweet potato with kale, pomegranate & almonds. It was clear that every single dish had been carefully curated and expertly put together so that all flavours complemented each other beautifully. As well as potatoes we also got to try their popular side of half loaded avocado & chick pea chips and their summery watermelon and tomato salad, with roasted goats cheese. Nom! As well as these sexy options for your potato, there are also a few simpler, more British options if you are not feeling so adventurous.

And then to top it all off, out came dessert. A lightly spiced sweet potato tart served with ginger ice cream. Oh my. It was delish. Who would have thought potato as dessert would work?! But let me tell you now people, it does. It really does.

The Potato Project Soho London


Now, if you haven’t just read those menu choices, swooned over the pictures and are still not drooling…well…what is wrong with you?!?! There are only so many words I can put on paper internet to describe how lovely this place is.

The interior decor of this cool dig was all designed and sourced by Ksenia, offering a cool warehouse feel with modern twists. The upstairs cafe offers a few areas of seating for people who have more than the usual five minutes on their lunch breaks and the downstairs offers a bigger space for groups, as well as toilets.

Another lovely detail was the crockery that the food was served on. The plates and cups were made from bamboo which were 100% biodegradable. I am all for a little bit of eco friendly living, so to see such a detail in a bustling little soho restaurant was fab.

The Potato Project Soho London


I spent quite some time talking with Ksenia on the day, and boy, is she a talented businesswoman or what. She has such clarity in her ideas for The Potato Project, knows what she wants to achieve and is showing the world just how sexy potatoes can be! Her branding and design is on form, with hilarious and clever packaging for her products which brings fun to the everyday. It sparks conversation and for me works so well as a marketing tool. If I saw a paper bag with “let’s go back to your place” on it, I would definitely have a giggle and want to know more about the brand behind it!

ThePotatoProject 5 ThePotatoProject 6


So there you have it. The Potato Project in Soho, London. You can grab a jacket as a takeaway – perfect for if you work locally or are exploring the area on foot. You can take up a pew in the upstairs area of the cafe while you take five. Or if you are part of a group, there is a large table downstairs to the cafe area which could comfortably seat 8-10 people. (Perfect for students who may want to have a work/revision session whilst munching on hearty food – a retreat I would have loved to have existed when I was at uni!)

Next time you are in the big smoke, hit The Potato Project up! Seriously worth a try and somewhere that I can guarantee you will want to return to. Again. And again.

The Potato Project Soho London






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5 ways to use lockers to revolutionise storage for the family

Lockers will usually be found in places such as schools, gyms and leisure centres but their uses do not stop there. Lockers can be a fantastic addition to the family home, giving a less traditional look than tallboys and sideboards, keeping the décor modern but giving extra storage.

Here are five ways that lockers can solve all your storage needs in the family home: Continue Reading

coming soon pic
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A new project | Mama.Gang

Oh hey there you lovely people! Long time no speak!

I have been hiding away in another part of the internet for the past month, squirrelling away on a new project that I thought I would share with you today…..

For the past year I have had plans, quite big plans. All milling around in my little squishy mama brain. Popping up in my thoughts CONSTANTLY to the point that I have to ask them to pipe down at times as they can be a tad overwhelming and distracting. These plans are to start my own business ‘something’ [which I’m not sure what to refer to it as just yet]. To create my own avenue that I have so far been to afraid to stroll along. Plans to take over the world, mwahahaha! OK, no, not quite, but wouldn’t that be cool? As long as it was all about love and positivity I’d be all for that.

Finding me again, every mama’s struggle.

I have always had the bug to create my own little empire within this big wide world, and even moreso once Twink was born. You see, there is a loss of identity I suppose when you have child. [For me there was anyway. I don’t want to speak for anyone but myself here.] For me, there was a lot of parallel parking of my own priorities and interests which I hadn’t been able to prepare for.

I ADORE being a mama, it was definitely my calling that I didn’t even know about. But what I didn’t adore so much was the label that might as well be tattooed onto your bloody forehead as soon as that baby pops out of your moo.

As society saw it (or rather how I read society as seeing it), I was a mum now and nothing else. Becoming a mother immediately led to an EPIC increase in personal questions [the majority being about my lady parts – north and south!] when another human being interacted with me. And an even more epic decrease in general invites to wine consumption opportunities and in my own ability to hold a conversation and well, let’s be honest here, my pelvic floor.

Despite this reality smacking me in the face, it isn’t to say that I didn’t LOVE becoming a mother. I took that mama ‘label’ on wholly but I also knew that it was not one that I would want standing alone. I needed another one of those tattoos that identified who I am as well as the mama tat. It was a big thing for me to imagine that being my only identity.

So once Twink was born, I had the urge more than ever before to really push for something that was mine.

I relished the time spent on maternity leave and before I knew it I was returning to work and my dreams and ideas were still in my head and not being actioned. As you can imagine, life got busy! I had started the ball rolling in some respects, and had created a community for local mums with my new bestie mama, but sadly as our lives became busier we just didn’t have the time, focus or funds to keep it up together or move it forward. And so now I have made the step to go it alone, and take it to a new level having spent time rethinking what I truly want to achieve.

So, what’s next?

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I have actually already have made the first step in my new project. I wrote a plan. On paper. With a pen. I turned my focus to design, branding and content for business and also re-launched the Mama.Gang Instagram account and Mama.Gang Facebook page.

I have already started designing how I want everything to look on the website and and am working ferociously on researching, reading, seeking advice so that it all gets off the ground at a nice pace. I have signed up to a few courses too, which should get the cogs realllyyy churning. I have also started the design process for some lovely bits of mama merch which is so much fun and takes me back to my uni days working towards my degree in fashion design. I am taking my time with the process, enjoying every step including the new bubbles of knowledge that I am gaining daily.


Anyhow, I shall leave it there. That’s where I’ve been hiding. I believe that we were all put on this earth to do good, inspire and influence positive change … so that’s what I’m rolling with! I can’t wait to spread the love and really get Mama.Gang off the ground! If you want to find out more just head to the social media pages by using the @mamadotgang tag which includes info on our mama meet to celebrate the new Mama.Gang website on the 21st august 2016!


Oh….wait! Before you leave, I have something to ask of you lovely lot…

What advice would you have for me? Any tips you can share on starting out? Any ways to keep my head up if the bastards try to get me down? Any experience that you could share to help me keep the drive and motivation up? How do you maintain a work/life balance? Any good books I should read for further inspiration? (I have already been recommended Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, which is meant to be super cool)


Any pieces of advice/inspiration would be sooooo well received, trust. Pop them in the comments below and I will love you forever!


Now off I go. Pen…paper…plan….



You can find out more on what Mama.Gang is about here. If you would like more information on Mama.Gang or would like to chat about collaborations, including our giveaway to celebrate our re-launch, pop an email over to hello@mamadotgang.com

Koo-Di popup travel bubble cot review

Pop-Up Travel Bubble Cot by Koo-di | Review

Recently we were sent some goodies by Koo-di to try out, one of which was their genius pop-up travel bubble cot. It arrived in Koo-di’s lovely bright branding and included all the info we needed to get straight into using it! It is a genius product that takes a little bit of stress away from the joy that is parenting!

So without further ado, here are five reasons why we love it…

Koo-Di popup travel bubble cot review

Continue Reading

Daily Life

Who am I, really?

How many times have you taken the time to think about who you are? Like, really are? I have met some people in my life who are clear as day about who they are, but not many. And I am certainly not one of those people…

I have had a bit of time of late to focus on some self reflection. I have spent many hours thinking about who I am. Who I really am. And let me tell you, it has not been an easy process.

If you didn’t already know, which you may well not, in the past I have struggled with low mood and anxiety, which at times has had a big ol’ effect on my life. And I thought I was rid of those days. But sadly I got smacked in the face with it again a few months ago.


Unlike times before when I have been able to shake it or ‘sort it out for now’ this time has been much more complicated. I think this all boils down to the fact that I am now a mama, and this can’t be brushed under another carpet anymore. I need to once and for all discover who I really am, deep down, and find ways to look after me for the sake of others.

And the first part of this can only be done by looking at myself and reflecting on who I am. Truly. Looking beyond stress, anxiety or depression. Beyond my new found occupation of ‘mother to Twink’. Beyond the label of wifey or furbaby mama.


So….. who am I, really?

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Mama Stuff

How to Combat the Isolation of Motherhood

How to combat the Isolation of Motherhood

Gosh that sounds so dramatic and negative doesn’t it?! What a way to big motherhood up right? Well it is not intended to be dramatic nor negative. It is just a simple fact about how I have been feeling currently, and how I have felt quite a few times since becoming a mama. And something that I would like to share.

So why do I feel so lonely? I mean, surely that’s ridiculous? I have a lovely large network of friends, family who I can call when I need to and of course my two besties Twink and the hubster. Well no, not really, not ridiculous at all…

Last week had tales of yet more illness in our household, and with that has come our most recent bout of isolation. Choosing not to be selfish by staying away from my regular peeps and hangouts as not to infect anyone else has meant being away from a lot of human contact. We couldn’t go to any baby groups, see any friends or travel any reasonable kind of distance before another nappy ‘incident’.

And that’s what brings me here today. I had forgotten just how isolating it can be at times. The thing is, before you give birth, no one tells you that at times it will be lonely. Ask any mama out there and I am pretty sure she will be able to recall at least one time where she has felt all alone in the world. When she is sitting in darkness for the 3am night feed. When all of her childless friends are at work. When she is just too knackered to leave the house to get to rhyme time at the library. When she doesn’t even have the energy to go next-door for a cup of tea due to pure exhaustion. When her new mama friends slowly return to work after maternity leave. When her partner works late and she goes to bed early five days in a row with no other human contact beyond the precious babe in her arms who communicates through occasional fart shart or full blown tantrums because they aren’t allowed to eat a shit covered biscuit… you catch my drift? Every mama out there would have felt this pang at some point, guaranteed.

So where am I going with this? Well…

Mamas and mamas to be – let me tell you that there will be times of quiet and loneliness. Some of you may feel ok about this. Others not so much. This heads up isn’t to scare you, but to just say keep an eye out for it. Here are a few tips to help you get by…

*Note, before you read ahead I’d like to put you in my shoes for a sec… For quite a few years now I have been trying to combat anxiety on so many levels. This has had a big effect on how I ‘do life’ and the simplest of things to others are some of the hardest things for me. I wonder if you, lovely person reading this, may also have the same struggle. I am using this pause in my writing to say that you can do it lady. Be brave. Push through the feelings. Knowing that I was doing these things for not only myself but also for my baby helped a huge amount…you got this mama….

Continue Reading

Now you are one
Baby Stuff, Daily Life, Mama Stuff

Now you are one


Oh my sweet girl, now you are one…..


You are a teeny baby no more, instead a little lady with personality to knock peoples’ socks off. You are full of happy, positive and hilarious vibes that resonate through every room that you enter. Never did I think such a small human could become my best friend and yet there you are. The closest person to my heart and soul. The one who makes me laugh the most. The one who makes me smile both inside and out. The one who I would simply suffocate without. I live and breathe you, you are my world.


Now you are one


On this, the anniversary of you being in the world for an entire year, know that you have changed my life. I am a better, happier person because of you. I have found my place in the world, my worth, my self assurance. I was waiting for you my whole life and didn’t even realise it. In the cheesiest of ways, you complete me. In the crazy that is life, you bring me right back down to earth.

And to you, baby daddy. Here’s to us, we made it. We are a little older and wearier, and lot more wiser… love has continued to keep us strong. We fucking rock. You rock. You are my rock.


Oh my sweet girl, now you are one.

My monthly bucket List February
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My Monthly Bucket List | February

Hey campers, hows it going?

I am late to the game this month with my monthly bucket list as life has got all a bit chaotic and I have had to prioritise in other areas, booooo! But hey ho, such is life! January was surprisingly busy and I feel like I was thrown from one end to the other of the darn month, at speed. I flew so fast through it that I can barely remember what I have even done!

February brings even more ‘busy’ despite it being the shortest month of the year. Twink turns one in less than two weeks, I have a super busy period at work coming up and then lots of other bits and bobs squeezed in here, there and everywhere. Phew, I’m exhausted even thinking about it!

So here it is. My monthly bucket list for February 2016! Continue Reading